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Freedom Square

In the very center of Tbilisi is the main square of the republic - Freedom Square. Throughout its existence, it changed its name several times. In the Middle Ages, the square was called the Caravanserai, from 1827 until the revolution it was called Erivan Square, and in Soviet times - first Beria Square, then Lenin Square.

In the center of Freedom Square, in front of the Tbilisi City Hall, there is a 40-meter monument to St. George, which is installed on a special pedestal. The sculpture of the Saint whom Georgia worships is also called the “Monument of Freedom.” The monument was created by the famous monumentalist Zurab Tsereteli and installed in 2006. At the peak of the column stands a statue of St. George sitting on a horse, who strikes a dragon with his spear. The sculpture symbolizes victory over evil, freedom and independence of the Georgian nation. It should be noted that until now in Georgia there was no tradition of depicting saints in convex sculptures. From this point of view, we can say that the monument rising on Freedom Square is unique. 

Today, the square also houses the Tbilisi city administration, as well as the central branch of the Bank of Georgia and the Marriott Hotel.

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