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Narikala Fortress

One of the symbols of Tbilisi and its main attraction is the Narikala fortress. It is an ancient defensive structure. Its name translated from Georgian means “Unapproachable”. The fortress is located on Mount Mtatsminda, which offers a magnificent view of Tbilisi. Narikala is one of the most ancient monuments of Georgian architecture; it was built back in the 4th century. AD 

Initially, the fortress was called Shuris - Tsikhe, which means “Hostile Fortress”. However, after the attack on the city by the Mongol-Tatars, they began to call it Narin - Kala, the word comes from the Turkic language - “naryn” - small and “kala” fortress. Historical data claim that Narikala, which was located at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, was the most fortified in the defensive system of Tbilisi. However, in 1827 the fortress was destroyed by a strong earthquake and since then the citadel has not been completely restored.

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