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Zion Cathedral

Zion Cathedral is one of the monuments of Old Tbilisi, dating back to the 5th – 6th centuries. The cathedral was named after Jerusalem's Zion. Not far from the cathedral there are two bell towers - one is ancient, three-tiered. Presumably the founder of the temple is Vakhtang Gorgasal. However, according to another version, the construction was initiated at the end of the 6th century by Kuropalat Guram I, who was probably buried here. This original church was demolished by the Arabs after the establishment of the emirate. In 1112, David the Builder, having freed Tbilisi from the Arabs, erected a new cathedral in the city, which was repeatedly destroyed and reconstructed. Particularly thorough work was required after the invasion of Jalal ad-Din Mankburna and the earthquake in 1668.

Today Sioni is the Cathedral and the residence of the Catholicos - the Patriarch of the Georgian Christian Church. The most revered shrine of Georgia is kept here - the cross of St. Nino, who established Christianity in Georgia. The cross is made of two grape branches and, according to legend, intertwined with the saint’s own hair.

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